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The Abysswritten by: Anonymous
I hate this movie - verrrrrry long !!!!

The Andromeda Strainwritten by: caftext
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Battlefield Earthwritten by: Spurned Lover...
Nick and I watched this movie together the day before he left me for greener pastures. He looked into my eyes and said, "Just like this movie, our love will last the ages," obviously this was a lie. I gave him all of me that night: mind, body, and soul. He used me and threw me aside like the trash I so clearly am. I will spend the rest of my days trying to win back the love of the man who shattered my heart into microscopic pieces. Whether this venture is futile or not matters not to me. One day....one day he will be mine again....

written by: Nick
I hate you, Devin.

Daylightwritten by: Nick
In preparation for getting Luna, our Weimaraner, this was a must watch. Great acting by the dog, even better than Sylvester.

Saltwritten by: Daddio
Nothing says the holidays like Angelina Jolie

The Hangover Part IIwritten by: Lee Maristany
I was a little ----O.K. Maybe alot confused when I was watching Hangover as to why I was watching it and as to why the other guys didn't kill the guy in the sunglasses. I was then suprised how in the world I ended up watching Hangover II! GO FIGURE

Apollo 18written by: Daddio
sucky, sucky, sucky, sucky, sucky, sucky

written by: nick
I agree, however, I might have added an extra "sucky" in there.