Tour of Duty Season 2
Tour of Duty Season 2(1989)

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Running Time: 1260 min
Genre: Action, Drama, War
Writer: L. Travis Clark, Steve Duncan
Director: N/A
Actors: Terence Knox, Stephen Caffrey, Tony Becker
TV Series
Rated TV
Synopsis: A host of new faces--and new dangers--await Lt. Zeke Anderson and the men of Bravo Company in the second season of the gritty Vietnam War drama Tour of Duty. Joining the cast for the sophomore season are Kim Delaney as war correspondent Alex Devlin, and Dan Gauthier as chopper pilot Lt. Johnny McKay, who would transport B Company to the jungle from their new base at Tan Son Nhut. But the changes between the first and second seasons went beyond cast and setting--the series took a much closer look at the emotional toll of the war on its soldiers, with episodes devoted to Ruiz (Ramon Franco) suffering a breakdown, grunts contemplating (and committing) suicide, and Bravo’s men dealing with incompetent and even dangerous fellow soldiers (Michael Madsen stars as a sniper with a taste for violence in "Sleeping Dogs"). Of course, the action and tension that caught audiences’ attention in Tour’s debut season is still in effect, abetted by a touch of romance (Miguel Nunez’s Taylor pairs with guest star Angela Bassett, as do Gauthier and Delaney), and the excellent scripting and performances by Terence Knox (who would win the Viewers for Quality Television’s top acting award for this season) as Anderson and the rest of the cast. The four-disc set compiles all 16 episodes from the second season; unfortunately, no extras are included, and much of the incidental music featured in the original broadcasts has been replaced due to copyright issues. However, neither should deter series fans from revisiting this exceptional series.


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