Jesse Stone: Sea Change
Jesse Stone: Sea Change(2007)

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Running Time: 88 min
Genre: Crime, Drama
Writer: Robert B. Parker (based upon the novel: "Sea Change"), Ronni Kern (teleplay)
Director: Robert Harmon
Actors: Tom Selleck, Kathy Baker, Kohl Sudduth, Rebecca Pidgeon
Not Rated

Synopsis: The fourth installment of the Jesse Stone series finds restless New England police chief Stone (Tom Selleck) fighting boredom by attempting to solve a twelve year-old cold case involving a murdered bank teller. Jesse Stone is a transplanted L.A. cop who thrived on big city adrenaline, but ultimately buckled under the pressure. Exiled to Paradise after suffering though a nasty divorce and being busted for drinking on the job, Stone now leads a quiet life of writing parking tickets and trying to suppress the urge to cut loose with the booze and babes. When one of his officers out on maternity leave and the other recovering from a recent gunshot wound, Stone turns to some old cold cases to keep himself occupied. Twelve years ago, a local bank teller was killed in broad daylight. Though the gunman responsible for the crime was never brought to justice, Stone soon uncovers a crucial piece of evidence that went overlooked during the original investigation. Now, as this once-cold case gradually begins to heat up again, Stone continues his investigation into an alleged rape that tool place aboard a yacht during Race Week.


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