Endangered Feces
Endangered Feces(2000)

Critic Score %

Running Time: 60 min
Genre: N/A
Writer: Tom Green, Derek Harvie
Director: Tom Green, Ray Hagel
Actors: Tom Green, Glenn Humplik, Phil Giroux, Derek Harvie
Not Rated

Synopsis: Total absurdity through gross gags and crazy antics fill the The Tom Green Show, created by Green, which originally aired on Canadian cable access. Endangered Feces celebrates the show's success on MTV, in a compilation of some of Green's most outrageous moments. He teases his unshakable parents, serenades the strangest of subjects, frolics in drag, and evades authority in typical Tom Green fashion, never ceasing to being shocking and grotesque. The best-of video contains the most memorable moments of the guy who is always doing something one won't soon forget.


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