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Want to see a movie in 3D? If you see the 3D logo on a movie that means you're in luck! Just make sure you have a TV and Blu-ray player that are 3D capable.

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Featured Movies... Superman, enough said.

Nobody can defeat superman!

Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Superman flies back onto the big screen in this Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures production directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen), produced by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight), and featuring a screenplay by David Goyer (Blade, The Dark Knight). As...

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Superman Returns

Superman Returns

The Man of Steel returns to the big screen with this continuation of the icon's film legacy that picks up after the events of the first two Christopher Reeve films. Some time has passed since the events of Superman II and the world has gotten use...

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Superman: The Movie

Superman: The Movie

Richard Donner's big-budget blockbuster Superman: The Movie is an immensely entertaining recounting of the origin of the famous comic book character. Opening on Krypton (where Marlon Brando plays Superman's father), the film follows the Man of St...

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Black Panther

February 2018